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"Congratulations on the World's Tournament Victory 2011"

"Congratulations to Cris Cyborg"

Female Fighter of the Year 2009

The second annual Fighters Only World Mixed Martial Awards Ceremony
December 30, 2009
Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada
This groundbreaking event was created to recognize and celebrate the achievements
of the people involved in making mixed martial arts what it is today.



"Human Wrecking Balls"


Premiers Wednesday, November 11th 2009 on G4



"Human Wrecking Balls"

Premiers Wednesday, November 12th 2008 on G4


G4 announces a new series with brothers Craig and Paul Pumphrey who demolish everything from boats and cars to houses and bars using only their bare hands. With their outrageous sense of humor and daredevil attitudes, the Pumphrey brothers are out to show the world that with the right approach and enough physical toughness almost anything is possible.

For more information visit the following websites:


OTM 2007 Instructor of the Year

Congratulations Cleber

OntheMat.com is pleased to announce our choice of Instructor of the Year goes to Cleber Luciano.

Probably the best testament as to why we decided to give Cleber the Instructor of the Year award goes back about a month ago when he promoted 10 of his students to the rank of black belt. Many of those students are well known and very active in the BJJ community as a whole and if the quality of an instructor is reflected in their students, then Cleber is very well represented indeed.

However, this was merely frosting on the cake. Whenever you talk to someone from Cleber’s academy, they always talk more in terms of it being a family as opposed to just a martial arts school. Through the years there has always been a demonstrable show of loyalty and support from everyone throughout the academy.

Cleber himself has always epitomized the “lead from the front” philosophy and is himself active in BJJ tournament and MMA.

Furthermore, it must be mentioned that Cleber runs one of the largest and most successful kid’s programs around. And once again, you always get the sense that kids love Cleber and he loves them right back.

In recognition of his years of contributions to the BJJ community, and in the occasion of what has surely been one of his most memorable year, OntheMat is proud to award Cleber Luciano the title of Instructor of the Year.


Gladiator Magazine Honors
The Men Who Created MMA

(click image below)


Gladiator Magazine Honors
The pioneers of the MMA

Including honorable mention of Kikskin founder, Scott Mofhitz (scot.K)

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October 22, 2007


Leading Scientists Measure and Map the Power of the Human Body;
Some Feats Generate Impact Force Equivalent to a 35-MPH Car Crash

All of our physiology textbooks need to be rewritten.”

(WASHINGTON, D.C. — October 9, 2007) Imagine bending steel with your teeth, shattering stacks of concrete bricks with your head, pulling a 26,000-lb truck by yourself or driving in a nail with your bare hand. Some of the world’s strongest professional athletes can do these seemingly impossible feats. How are they able to surpass the limits of ordinary strength? And can science explain exactly how these strongmen produce this kind of power?

Join the National Geographic Channel (NGC) on Monday, October 22, at 10 p.m. ET/PT, as Super Strength takes viewers on an extraordinary high-definition quest to detail a mysterious principle in human performance: strength. Super Strength brings together cutting-edge motion capture and real-time force measurement technologies with top sports physiologists, biomechanists, medical experts and material science engineers to measure the power of the human body.

Get a front-row seat as some of the world’s top professional athletes, like world record holders Craig and Paul Pumphrey, six-time World’s Strongest Man competitor Mark Philippi and strongman Dennis Rogers, show us their amazing superhuman feats. It may seem hard to believe, but their astonishing achievements are accomplished without tricks or special effects. What are the secrets behind their comic book hero-like powers?

In Super Strength, scientists are able to peer into the human body and provide unique insight into their tremendous strength. “All of our physiology textbooks need to be rewritten,” says David Sandler, a sport physiologist and owner of the consulting firm Strength Pro, after witnessing and analyzing these remarkable acts. Sandler and Dr. Cindy Bir, an expert in impact injury and a professor of bioengineering at Wayne State University, are two of the scientists responsible for measuring and mapping the impact, range, speed and force of these extraordinary feats of strength.

Using two load cells that measure the force of a car crash, an accelerometer to measure arm acceleration and high-speed cameras, Dr. Bir records and tracks the real-time force data as creative breaking champion Paul Pumphrey smashes a stack of concrete bricks with his forearms. The numbers collected reveal that each forearm hits with a force of 2,200 lbs, or the equivalent of a 35-mph car crash — enough to shatter one of his arms six times over. But why doesn’t he break a bone? Over the years, Paul’s bones have been transformed and hardened by repetitive stress of performing this feat. Through a principle called Wolfe’s Law, bones become stronger and denser through consistent strength training.

While Paul’s break seems to defy logic, his brother, Craig Pumphrey, performs an incredible feat that defies common sense. Craig shatters a similar stack of concrete bricks with his head. Super Strength scientists determine that this breaking event produces 1,800 lbs of force, or the equivalent of hitting a telephone pole in a crash at 20 mph. Why can he accomplish this act without suffering a concussion?

Dennis Rogers, winner of the Strongman Association's highest achievement award, performs the “human link” — a feat where he holds in place two motorcycles that are peeling rubber and headed in opposite directions. Scientists conclude that each 1584-cc Harley Davidson produces 1,045 lbs of force while Dennis is hanging on in the middle. How does he do this feat without being ripped in two?

Among other incredible feats highlighted and analyzed in Super Strength include the following:
  • A specialized glove created by engineers tracks real-time force data of each finger as Craig Pumphrey rolls up a household frying pan with his bare hands like a newspaper in less than 30 seconds. How does Craig hold this much power in the palm of his hands?


  • Paul Pumphrey blows up a hot water bottle; scientists conclude that the pressure in his lungs is equivalent to 50 lbs, or the amount in a truck tire. How does Paul perform this act without rupturing his lungs?


  • Dennis Rogers becomes a “human nail gun” — driving a nail into a household frying pan using only his bare hand. Scientists conclude that at impact, his hand reaches 68 mph with 330 lbs of force. How can he accomplish this feat without hurting himself?

Professional athletes featured also include Odd Haugen, a recent winner of Strongest Man in America; Casey Burgener, member of the United States Olympic Weightlifting Team; and Oan Basson, three-time world record holder and professional power lifter. Additional scientists featured include Lorenzo Majno, vice president of the Materials Testing Division at Instron, a manufacturer of material and components testing machinery; Alan Macy, an engineer with Biopac, a company that specializes in medical data acquisition; and Tom Koziel, a designer at Transducer Techniques, a manufacturer of industrial load cells.

Super Strength is produced by Base Productions, Inc., for the National Geographic Channel. For Base Productions, Inc., executive producers are Mickey Stern and John Brenkus. For the National Geographic Channel, executive producer is Chris Valentini, and senior vice president of production and development is Juliet Blake.

# # #

Based at the National Geographic Society headquarters in Washington, D.C., the National Geographic Channel (NGC) is a joint venture between National Geographic Ventures (NGV) and Fox Cable Networks (FCN). Since launching in January 2001, NGC initially earned some of the fastest distribution growth in the history of cable and more recently the fastest ratings growth in television. The network celebrated its fifth anniversary January 2006 with the launch of NGC HD which provides the spectacular imagery that National Geographic is known for in stunning high-definition. NGC has carriage with all of the nation's major cable and satellite television providers, making it currently available to more than 66 million homes. For more information, please visit www.nationalgeographic.com/channel.

Russell Howard, National Geographic Channel, 202-912-6652, RHoward@natgeochannel.com
Chris Albert, National Geographic Channel, 202-912-6526, CAlbert@natgeochannel.com
National Broadcast: Dara Klatt, 202-912-6720, Dara.Klatt@natgeochannel.com
National Print: Nord Wennerstrom, The Fratelli Group, 202-496-2124, NWennerstrom@fratelli.com
National & Local Radio: Clare Hertel, Clare Hertel Communications, 505-474-6783, CHertel@aol.com
Local Print: Licet Ariza, The Fratelli Group, 202-496-2122, LAriza@fratelli.com
Photos: Matthew Royse, National Geographic Channel, 202-912-6707, MRoyse@natgeochannel.com
Craig Pumphrey Left to right:
Ivan Dale, Mike Crayfcraft,
Craig Pumphrey,  Paul Pumphrey
Mike Craycraft
& Craig Pumphrey
Craig Pumphrey
& Ivan Dale
Left to right:
Ivan Dale, Craig & Paul Pumphrey

April 8, 2007



 I have learned my lesson....

The last UFC I said there was no way COUTURE would beat SILYVIA unless he could somehow play the wrestling game...COUTURE goes onto win in championship style by out kickboxing (!) The much bigger man....and win the Heavy weight title AGAIN!!!!!! At age 43!!!!!!

Ok well last night I figure I was wrong about COUTURE (who is my favorite fighter btw) but there is no way ST. PIERRE is going to lose to SERRA. As much as I love SERRA it won't happen. And besides ST. PIERRE is a Canadian you have to push for the Canadian. On top of that ST. PIERRE Has Vegas odds of 9-2 FOR!!!!

Well I find out my buddies at KIKSKIN are sponsoring and backing KENDALL GROVE and MATT "THE TERROR" SERRA. Both fighters are on their web site and are backing the KIKSKIN brand.

An hour before the fight I call back CAREE MOFHITZ and tell her that I am in a room of hostile GSP supporters who are hoping to see fellow Canadian GSP destroy SERRA. This was a battle of nation against nation and although CAREE and her crew are good friends of mine and like GSP, they were backing the enemy (lol). This is NATIONAL PRIDE!!!

To make a long story short......Don't argue against Americans and the fight sport....

KENDALL GROVE (a protégé of TITO ORTIZ) levels his opponent Bletcher a well rounded fighter and destroys him with what the UFC is calling THE SUBMISSION of the night with a Head arm choke ( after first splitting his head open like an ax through a water melon)

And to top it off...SERRA DESTROYED GSP with a flurry of punches that could have brought down a Rhino!!!...no a herd of Rhinos!!!!!

GSP had the only comment that fit that knock out---"F**k me what the hell was that!"

I feel your pain....
(I think my friend Candice will need professional help to get over GSP's loss, she has sealed herself off from the room and is now in morning....she may have even put out a contract on Serra's life)

At 9-2 odds that may the greatest upset in UFC history since Couture took out Tito for the belt a few years back....

Caree I will never doubt your wisdom EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!

Who are you guys sponsoring next??!!!!!!!!!!

For the record Kikskin was founded by Caree’s brother Scott way back in 1994 when most people had never heard of the UFC or MMA. He had a vision that one day MMA would be the hottest sport in the U.S., most people laughed. But like many visionaries he was way ahead of his time. Kikskin has been supporting fighters and the MMA game since day one and have been pioneers in the sport before it gained wide acceptance. Although Scott passed away in 2005 he did live long enough to see his dream of MMA becoming a widely accepted sport and not a freak show come true. Long before there were Dana White's or Zuffa or the IFL Scott was plugging away to lay the foundation for MMA!
Scott's sister continues to work for the future of the sport today.

So next time you are watching a MMA event, large or small. Remember that it was not too long ago that a few dedicated individuals had a dream of making MMA mainstream...people laughed...people sneered....and people called it stupid. Now those people are paying a thousand dollars a ticket to see house hold names like GSP, Tito, Liddell, Couture, Hughes, Henderson, Shamrock...

Thanks for all your hard work guys!

Ian Brewster


Stars Mixed-Martial Arts Training Center is pleased to announce that two time Middle Weight King of Pancrase Nate Marquardt has just received a generous sponsorship from America's hottest fightwear clothiers, Kikskin Sports Apparel.  We are excited and proud that Nate was selected to join an elite group of athletes who represent and promote  Kikskin products. 

 It all started a few months ago when Nate noticed one of his  Vale Tudo students wearing a great looking pair of fighting shorts, the same type worn by fighting greats Mark Kerr and Bas Rutten.  Nate loved the look but  was more concerned with comfort, durability and quality.  Nate was tired of buying the same old brand X shorts that ripped apart at the seams, rode up on his legs and cost big bucks.  To make a long story short, the brand X's are in the trash and the Kikskins are on Nate.  Marquardt's cornerman/trainer Billy J. Hendricks had this to say; "Kikskins are the best of all the brands we have tried!"   
On March 31st, "The King" returns to the ring for his upcoming Pancrase 2001 Proof Tour bout at the Namihaya Dome in Osaka, Japan.  Nate will be wearing Kikskin's top of the line competition  kimono for the ring entrance and his favorite 2-tone black and blue Kikskin shorts for the fight.  Following the show Marquardt travels to Tokyo for  specialized training at the P-Labs Dojo and promotional work for his new sponsor.

Will Hendricks (Mgr)
Stars Mixed-Martial Arts Training Center
Sportmasters Fighting Promotion

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